Taking action is the best advice for success on Amazon FBA

Procrastination. The act of delaying or postponing a task. It’s a force that prevents you from following through on what you set out to do. It makes us feel rotten, and yet, we do it anyway. 

Taking action is the opposite of procrastination. So when we know how to stop procrastinating, we figure out how to take action. 

Procrastination comes from deeper within than just being lazy. In my eyes, it’s self-doubt, low self-confidence, or anxiety. Think about it, imagine you order your first mass-production for your Amazon FBA idea. What will your family think about you if you fail? Or even worse, what will it do to your confidence level if you fail. Amazon FBA is not easy, so what if you fail? 

All of this will lead us to think that waiting for the perfect moment to order my first mass-production is an excellent way to play it. WRONG! 

If you think deeply about it, procrastination is the fear of failure and a survival mechanism not to fall off the social ladder. It’s also a vicious cycle hard to get out from. Dr. Sirious said in the NY Times, “In the immediate present, putting off a task provides relief —  you have been rewarded for procrastinating.” Human basic behaviorism tends to do it again when you have been rewarded. It leads us into a downward spiral in life which is hard to get out of.

It’s simple to give a ton of credit to the thinking mind. The thinking mind is correct, and action isn’t so obvious. Like I said, action forces us to risk being wrong and face our fears.

If you are like me and collect information without using it, you’re going to feel miserable. It isn’t wrong to collect information, but you have got to take action will the information be of any help. Seems obvious, right? It is. 

How do I take action in my Amazon FBA business? 

First, we have to define what action means. 

Action means being active, but not activeness is going to grow your business. Reading 100 product research guides is taking action, but it isn’t. Watching videos about Amazon FBA is taking action, but it isn’t. Do you catch my drift? 

The truth is, we usually don’t know what the best action is. Is it best to wait, read this guide, or discuss this with my co-founder? We don’t know. 


Taking the right action comes down to setting up achievable goals and working backward towards them. You start with the end in mind. What is the big goal for the year? Figuring this out is not easy, but if you just started selling on Amazon FBA, a goal might be that you have launched four products regardless if it did well or not. 

amazon fba goals

Make a plan backwards. What do you have to do monthly to achieve that goal? What do I have to do weekly to achieve the goal? What do I have to do daily to achieve that goal. Figure this out for yourself. 

Setting goals can be thought-provoking and very overwhelming. It is often one of the most procrastinated activities you hear. Funny right? Keep in mind when setting goals to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. SMART.


More homework is coming your way, with the next one being to act before doing research. If you take anything from this blog post, take this. From when we were little in school, we have been given an overwhelming amount of information, but what they did not tell us is to apply the information. 

Act first, do the research later comes down to creating a habit of taking action before learning about it. 

We always have been told to think before taking action. Today I want to show you another way. I’m not suggesting you start flying a plane without reading the manual. However, I’m suggesting you build habits of action into your life first.

You probably read this blog post because you are stuck in that vicious cycle we discussed. That cycle is more or less just a bunch of bad habits that we are trying to make better. We make habits healthy by finding a better reward than escape, which can relieve our challenging feeling. 

You will be surprised by all the knowledge you already have if you just push yourself to apply it. This goes hand in hand with the philosophy of failing fast. The philosophy’s crucial goal is to cut losses when testing reveals something isn’t working and quickly try something else, a concept known as pivoting and not overthinking.

We like to make Amazon FBA complex. It’s human nature to sound smart. Which makes you think it’s more challenging than it is.

Like I discussed, it’s all about building habits that stick—making that downward spiral not go down. Building habits is essential for making progress in your health, happiness, and business. 

Start with a small habit, and add more habits when you achieved the first one. Rather than going to the gym every day, go once per week. Make it easy enough that it can be done without motivation. After a while, you will find yourself going to the gym more and more. All because of that one small habit you build. 

New habits should feel comfortable, especially in the beginning. If you stay consistent and continue increasing your habit, it will get hard enough, fast enough. It always does


I can keep writing about habits, goals and taking action for days, but the truth is. It won’t help you. It will only overwhelm you in your Amazon FBA business. 

Figure out what you have to do.

Don’t let this theory go to waste. The theory is worthless without taking action. ACT NOW!

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The key to success is patience, persistence, and obsessive attention to detail. 

━ Jef Bezos