Jungle Scout Pricing + A 30% Discount?

Founded in 2015 by Greg Mercer, Jungle Scout is the first-ever software tool to provide robust data to help Amazon sellers grow their brand. The engineer turned eCommerce entrepreneur has been on a growth trajectory with Jungle Scout with the recently acquired Downstream to expand their Amazon FBA imperium. And today, we will be taking a look at the pricing of Jungle Scout and seeing how it compares to its competitiors. 

I have been using Jungle Scout since the day they first launched the “Million Dollar Case Study!” 4 and a half years ago. So if someone is best suited to write a dedicated pricing review about Jungle Scout, it should be me. 

Before I bombard you with all their features, let’s first see what Jungle Scout is and does. Their mission statement is…

“We give entrepreneurs the tools & resources to launch and grow successful Amazon businesses.”

With tools, they mean software like the famous Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

With resources, they mean blogs, training, trend reports, and more. 

Jungle Scout Pricing

Future Amazon sellers listen up. I will first be taking a look at the Jungle Scout pricing and afterward discuss the tools they provide.  

Pricing starts at $49/mo for the basic plan. 

The basic plan will enough for starting Amazon sellers who want to get more severe and understand the importance of data.  

You get full access to the:

  • chrome-extension
  • track up to 3 products
  • One month of historical product tracking data
  • sales analytics
  • listing grader

I recommend-and use-the most popular plane named Suite. It’s $69/mo.

You will get access to all basic plan features plus:

  • opportunity finder
  • product database
  • keyword scout
  • supplier database
  • review automation
  • rank tracker up to 3500 keywords
  • listing builder
  • inventory manager
  • alerts
  • promotions
  • supplier tracker

The professional plan, also the most expensive, starts at $129/mo

You will get access to all Suite plan features plus:

  • Track 1000 products
  • Two years of historical product tracking data
  • Six users
  • Priority onboarding

I will say the professional plan is over the top. In my opinion, you don’t need it. The professional plan is like the Suite plan, but you can track more, view more, use more. 

I only recommend the professional jungle scout pricing plan for those sharing their account with others because you can get up to 6 users. 

Now the pricing I displayed above is if you are planning on paying monthly. However, you should pay for the yearly plan as you get a heavy discount. Like, heavy-heavy. 

Here is the pricing for you if you pay yearly:

Yeah, I guess Jungle Scout pricing wants us to pay yearly instead of monthly. And you and I should because we are serious about growing our Amazon empire, so a software tool isn’t just a luxury anymore. It’s a necessity. 

Now I have talked with Jungle Scout themselves to ask for a discount to my readers. And luckily for you, we agreed upon a 30% OFF in savings. You can pay $399 for the yearly Suite plan instead of the $589. Check it out below.

Exclusive Jungle Scout Discount Coupon

Take advantage of 30% OFF in savings. Available for NEW and EXISTING Jungle Scout Subscribers!

Jungle Scout features I love

Now Jungle Scout has many different tools, just like Helium 10, designed for Amazon sellers. I would love to talk to you about every single tool they have, but I don’t think that is necessary. Want to take a look at all the tools? Go here

Jungle Scout Extension

The industry original product research tool. With it, you can evaluate new opportunities, forecast product sales, and request reviews with a simple to use Chrome extension. 

The tool provides vital insights directly in the Amazon product pages and search results. It’s the most used tool and an absolute legend in the Amazon industry, as it was the first creation of software available that could give powerful insights.

When we, as Amazon sellers, talk about product research, we use the Jungle Scout extension to validate our ideas. JS claims to provide the most accurate real-time data compared to other software tools on the market. Accusales tracks over 1 billion data points daily to take the guesswork out of product research. 

New features to the Jungle Scout extension are:

Customizable overlays on Amazon search pages. 

And view valuable data directly on a product page.

The great benefit of using Jungle Scout is that the team of now 100+ employees is constantly developing new features. Just like the two above.

More question about Jungle Scout pricing

In the always-changing world where we live, it is convenient to have answers to the most common questions. So here is a list of questions about jungle scout pricing that you want answers to.

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is the best all-in-one platform that helps Amazon sellers in every stage of their journey to find profitable products, identify powerful keywords, understand profits, get trained by professionals, and more.

Jungle Scout Coupon/Discount

After talking with Jungle Scout, we agreed upon a 30% OFF in savings for this blog’s readers.

What is the Jungle Scout product database?

To put it simply, it’s a database that contains over 100 million products pulled straight from Amazon themselves in an organized way. Because it’s organized, you can filter results on specific search criteria to find product ideas to sell on Amazon FBA. 

What is the Jungle Scout supplier database?

With the supplier database by Jungle Scout, you get instant access to a search engine to find high-quality manufacturers to develop your product. It works with the U.S. import records to pull relevant data from companies. By reverse engineering a product with high-quality, you can find out the exact manufacturer they use. 

Does Jungle Scout provide training?

Yes, they do! It’s an actionable training program for selling on Amazon, built right into your Jungle Scout account. It includes over 130 videos from the CEO, Greg Mercer himself. Further, they provide a free blog and other free resources you can find here

Is there a free trial for Jungle Scout?

No, there is not. However, they do provide a 14-day money-back guarantee if you happen to change your mind. 

What marketplaces does Jungle Scout support?

Because of all the different solutions Jungle Scout provides, not every country has access to the same software. Here is a list of Amazon marketplaces supported by Jungle Scout in some way:

  1.  Amazon US (amazon.com)
  2. Amazon Canada (amazon.ca)
  3. Amazon Mexico (amazon.com.mx)
  4. Amazon Brazil (amazon.com.br)
  5. Amazon UK (amazon.co.uk) 
  6. Amazon France (amazon.fr)
  7. Amazon Germany (amazon.de)
  8. Amazon Netherlands (amazon.nl)
  9. Amazon Spain (amazon.es)
  10. Amazon Italy (amazon.it)
  11. Amazon Turkey (amazon.com.tr)
  12. Amazon India (amazon.in)
  13. Amazon Saudi Arabia (amazon.sa)
  14. Amazon UAE (amazon.ae)
  15. Amazon Japan (amazon.jp)

Here is a breakdown of marketplaces supported by feature:

How much does Jungle Scout cost?

Exclusive Jungle Scout Discount Coupon

Take advantage of 30% OFF in savings. Available for NEW and EXISTING Jungle Scout Subscribers!

What are Jungle Scout promotions?

With the Jungle Scout promotions, you can jumpstart early-stage sales with promotional campaigns. Tap into a marketplace of ready-to-buy shoppers. We all know that early-stage sales are crucial to ranking higher, so a great solution to launch new products.

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