Helium 10 Complete Overview | Is it worth the money?

I always compare those that don’t use data to those who drive blindfolded. It is just plain stupid. The software Helium 10 has a long history of gathering data in this space. As a result, they can provide sellers with accurate estimates based on algorithms. 

Here are three reasons why you need to look at the data when you sell on Amazon:

  • It eliminates guesswork so you can make accurate decisions
  • It speeds up the process with product research and validating the demand for a product.
  • Likewise, it gives you a better understanding of the market in total and all the sellers. 

To be thriving on Amazon, not only do you have to find the proper keywords and choose the keywords with the highest volume, but you must also index for those keywords and land on the first page.

Indexing simply means that the keyword you use in your listing shows up when a customer uses that search on Amazon. Software tools allow us to check if we are indexed or not.

Remember that indexing for a keyword doesn’t mean you have ranked on the first page for that search result, but software tools can also help check each specific keyword’s ranking.

Having a powerful keyword research tool could mean the difference between success or failure on Amazon FBA.

But software tools like Helium 10 don’t stop there. Helium 10 helps you with everything related to your Amazon business. From operations to marketing.

Also, there is a lot we are going to cover, and many tools will be explained that you might not understand. Don’t worry about it. Once you are using the tools explained in your own hands, everything will get more clear.

Helium 10 is an incredible software that includes a variety of online-based tools. 

They have six sections to host their software tools:

  1. Find profitable products – Product research
  2. Rank higher in searches – Keyword research
  3. Hook your visitors – Listing optimization
  4. Run your business effortlessly – Operations
  5. Decisions by the numbers – Analytics
  6. Supercharge your conversion – Marketing

Helium 10 All Tools Basic Overview

As I said, within these categories, Helium 10 holds different tools to help Amazon sellers every step of the way. Just so you know, Helium 10 has a ton of different tools, but that doesn’t mean it is better or not. Tools need to be valuable to sellers and not just for marketing value. 

Let’s dive deeper into each category.


1. Product research

Within the product research tool collection, Helium 10 holds six different tools. 

  • Black box
  • Trendster
  • X-Ray
  • Profitability calculator
  • Review insights
  • ASIN grabber

Black Box

The Amazon product finder and product research tool. 

Their database holds up to 450+ million products that are available all over Amazon. With the tool, you can find opportunities with intelligent filters. With those filters, you can uncover winning product ideas based on exact needs, niche, preference, revenue, country, and more. 


Trendster helps you quickly analyze product seasonality and revenue trends. See clear market trends to find opportunities.

Like the name relates, trendster checks trends. To use the tool, you have to use the Chrome extension from Helium 10. More on that later. 

You enter the ASIN and a specific keyword from the product. That way, you can check how the keyword is doing for that specific product.


X-Ray is Helium 10 powerful Chrome extension. 

The tool lets you instantly evaluate Amazon search results for new opportunities, calculate product sales, analyze the competition, and more. They are also partnered with Alibaba to identify the most reliable suppliers for a product you are looking at. You do that by clicking on the top right of X-Ray.

Within X-Ray, you also have the profitability calculator. With it, you can get a clear picture of a potential product’s ROI by accurately measuring all costs against expected revenue.

Also, within X-Ray, you have review insights. I love this. You can export all the reviews from a listing to uncover customer insights, pain points, and product issues. With that data, you can find a problem customers face and fix it by launching a better product. 


2. Keyword research

Within the keyword research tool collection, Helium 10 holds three different tools. 

cerebro, magnet, misspellinator helium 10
  • Cerebro
  • Magnet 2
  • Misspellinator


Helium 10’s Cerebro reverse ASIN research tool is hands down one of the most powerful keyword research tools for Amazon sellers.

Cerebro enables you to find precisely which keywords your competitors rank for. That way, you can optimize your listing accordingly.

By simply inputting your given competitors’ ASIN into Cerebro, you can check organic and sponsored keywords they currently get sales. Cerebro can give you the competitive advantage to dominate any niche you sell in.

As a search tool, Cerebro provides essential data such as estimated exact keyword phrase search volume, estimated broad keyword phrase search volume, and many other crucial data points. It also includes several advanced filters to fine-tune your competitive keyword research.

Here is a video of the tool. 

Magnet 2

The Magnet feature from Helium 10 is designed to help Amazon sellers discover high-volume and highly relevant keywords for their products.

Magnet has one of the largest databases of actionable Amazon-specific search terms and long-tail keywords on the market today.

You can fine-tune your research with customized search results using advanced filters—filter by word count, search volume, number of competing products, and more.

Many beginners in the helium 10 suite don’t understand the difference between Cerebro and Magnet. To put it simply, with Cerebro, you analyze competitors to research their ASIN. With Magnet, you can discover high volume and relevant keywords for your product.


With misspellinator, great name btw, you can take advantage of frequently search for but commonly misspelled Amazon keywords. Search terms that are misspelled have little to no competition and are a great way to boost sales. 

Extracting profitable keyword misspellings manually can take hours of research. Misspellinator pulls the most common variations with the highest search volume within seconds.


3. Listing optimization

Within the listing optimization tool collection, Helium 10 holds three different tools. 

frankenstein, scribbles, index checker by helium 10 breakdown
  • Frankenstein
  • Scribbles
  • Index checker


Frankenstein listing optimization tool for Amazon lets you clean up keyword lists.

Helium 10 claims it makes you save time and effort. It lets you rank higher in the A9 search engine, increases traffic, and convert more sales.

You can take a massive list of keywords and transform it into a more manageable group to use in your Amazon listing optimization efforts.  


Another listing optimization tool by helium 10 is scribbles. 

With the tool, you can:

  • Validate that you have used as many relevant keywords as possible for your product listing.
  • Guarantee that you have used the correct number of keywords
  • Make optimizing your listing an easy and overviewed process.

Just so you know, within helium 10 tools, you can always click on the “learn” button in the menu bar above to understand what the tool does and how to use it.

Index checker

What usually can take hours to do can now be done within a few minutes using index checker. 

Like you can see in the above screenshot. Index checker validates keywords that I’m indexed for or not.

On the left side, you enter a bunch of phrases you want to check. Then on the right side, the results will show up. 

A tactic I recommend is to check if you have bad keywords impacting your product listing negatively. Another way to use it is by entering a competitor’s ASIN to discover which terms they do and don’t rank for.


4. Operations

Within the operations tool collection, Helium 10 holds five different tools. 

  • Refund genie
  • Inventory protector
  • Alerts
  • Follow-up
  • Mobile app

Refund genie

Refund genie is a reimbursement assistant. With it, you can get your money back by automating the complicated FBA reimbursement process for lost or damaged inventory. 

There is not much to say about this tool other than that it checks five different reasons for FBA inventory reimbursements. In my opinion, an excellent add-on that will make your life easier.

Inventory protector

The tool does exactly what it’s called. It protects your inventory. How? By setting a maximum order quantity for your product. You will stay protected against shoppers who use discount codes to wipe out big chunks of your inventory during promotions.

The tool is, again, an excellent extra add-on. However, without the tool, you can still manage the same settings within Amazon’s dashboard.


It’s a rough marketplace out there. With Alerts, you can detect hijackers when they jump on your listing. See it as a 24-hour surveillance camera that gives you an “alert” when a hijacker tries to sell on your listing.


The fully automated email tool that follows up with customers. 

With the tool, you can increase your product review count by automating Amazon’s follow-up email to request a review and seller feedback after an order is delivered. 

You can easily choose from premade templates and customize your email subject and body in the editor from helium 10. 

I love that it automates the entire process with automatic triggers. It’s a one-time setup that will run on the backend. 

Mobile app

Helium 10’s mobile app lets you check for critical updates using your phone. Your most essential data in profits, ads, and alerts can be accessed via the app, at any time, on the go.

Combined with alerts, you can get instant push notifications on any suspicious activity in your account. The app has an intuitive display on an easy-to-use mobile dashboard.


5. Analytics

Within the Analytics tool collection, Helium 10 holds three different tools. 

profits, market tracker, keyword tracker by helium 10 tools
  • Profits
  • Market tracker
  • Keyword tracker


Profits are made up of multiple data points. By displaying your actual data, both positive and negative, you can get the most detailed view of your financial health across all of your product listings.

You can view your gross revenue from sales and net profit after estimated costs today, yesterday, the last seven days, or any custom range.

Profits lets you compare data from days before to get an overview of what products are increasing or decreasing in sales.

The best aspect about it is that you can get a complete inventory management solution to control your stock better. It informs you on restock suggestions by telling you when and how much to order. 

Market tracker

With the market tracker, you always have a bird’s eye view of your market. You can track where you stand and how your competitiors are doing. 

As a seller, you always want to constantly study who is selling around you, how they’re performing, and new sellers entering your niche. This is critical. Read more at 

Keyword tracker

We all know how important your keyword ranking is on Amazon. It directly impacts your sales and can mean the difference in being successful or not. 

Keyword tracker lets you track your organic and sponsored position of your keywords in real-time. You get an instant history of your historical keyword rankings after tracking a keyword. By closely monitoring your most important keywords, you have an accurate overview of how your sales are doing compared to the ranking of your most valuable keywords.


6. Marketing

Within the marketing tool collection, Helium 10 holds two different tools. 

  • Ads
  • Portals


The ads tool lets you maximize returns by auto-optimizing your Amazon PPC.

The new ads tool launched in 2020 is only available to the Diamond ($197/month) and the Elite ($397/month) monthly plan.

The tool helps you with smart suggestions, simplified campaign management, and clear metrics. You can improve your ad performance with automated bid suggestions based on metrics that matter to you, like ACoS, CTR, and CPC.

It has an easy overview dashboard that lets you quickly understand your account performance. 


Advanced Amazon sellers strategies include bringing in outside traffic. One of the tools needed for that is having landing pages where you can get shoppers more familiar with your brand or product. 

Portals lets you do exactly that. Make landing pages to take control of your traffic.

You can send traffic from social media, your email list, or paid advertising to your optimized landing page. Or what helium 10 calls your “portal.” It’s an easy-to-build, conversion-optimized product landing page designed for Amazon sellers. You can quickly customize every page the way you want it. 

It has easy integrations with popular tools like Zapier, Google Analytics, Facebook, and more. Further, Helium 10 will host the website, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Freedom ticket

If you are familiar with Helium 10, you know the training they provide called “Freedom ticket.”

It’s a video course created by Kevin King, an early adopter that started selling physical products online and on eBay back in 1995! Since then, he has been a successful e-commerce entrepreneur.

The course is an 8-week training with specific content covering everything from basic business requirements to managing operations for Amazon FBA.

Amazon fba freedom ticket overview and review

The training is priced at $997 as a one-time payment but is free with the platinum, diamond, and elite subscription—more on those subscriptions later.

There are a total of 90+ video lessons with downloadable slider for each module. I like the course (Yes, I have taken it myself) because it doesn’t just cover the sexy product research sections, but it also goes over details like accounting that is mainly left out by other guru courses.

Pricing plans overview

First, let’s take a deep breath. Helium 10 has a TON of different tools that you can use for your business. We know that now. Some of the tools we covered are only available for higher-priced subscriptions. 

Some of the tools might still be vague to you but will get more straightforward once you play around with them. 

Helium 10 has four pricing options: the free plan, the platinum plan, the diamond plan, and the elite plan. Let’s take a look.

Black Box20 users
Trendster30 days
Xray50 launches
Cerebro2 uses per day
Magnet 22 uses per day
Misspellinator20 uses
Keyword Trackerup to 20 keywordsup to 2500 keywordsup to 5000 keywordsup to 5000 keywords
Market Trackerup to 1 marketup to 3 marketsup to 10 marketsup to 15 markets
Profits30 days
Frankenstein30 days
Scribbles30 days
Index Checker6 uses150 uses/m300 uses/m500 uses/m
PortalsXup to 3 portalsup to 6 portalsup to 9 portals
Alertsup to 2 ASINsup to 300 ASINsup to 600 ASINsup to 1000 ASINs
Inventory Protector
Refund Genielimited
Follow UpX5,000 emails/m15,000 emails/m50,000 emails/m
Inventory Management30 daysup to 20 SKUs
Multi-user LoginXXup to 3 usersup to 5 users
Connected Accountsup to 2 accountsup to 2 account up to 4 accountsup to 4 accounts
Monthly Expert TrainingXX
In-Person WorkshopsXXX
Private Facebook GroupXXX
For a better overview, check out the Helium 10 pricing page by clicking the button below

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Comparing Helium 10 With The Competition

I hope it’s clear that software tools like Helium 10 are necessary to give you that advantage you need over your competition with everything we discussed already. 

Data is critical, but not only Helium 10 can give us the data we need. There are other software tools out there that can possibly do the trick as well. 

You know I love my Jungle Scout and have talked about them in the past. I’m even grandfathered into the JS Chrome extension Pro. However, what makes Helium 10 different compared to Jungle Scout. For this comparison, I will only analyze Helium 10 with JS as the two are the only options you should consider. 

To begin with Jungle Scout, you should choose them if:

  • You’re on a budget
  • You want the best product selection tool
  • You want a tool with a short learning curve

And choose Helium 10 if:

  • You have no problem spending upwards of $100 on the starter package only.
  • You are already selling and serious about growing
  • You need an all-in solution for your entire business with product research, keyword research, listing optimization, operations, analytics, marketing.

Jungle Scout themselves say they have the highest accuracy and lowest margin of error of any Amazon seller software.

Furthermore, Jungle Scout has features that Helium 10 does not━features include:

Product tracker

Product tracker allows you to track a group of products over time to monitor how they perform. 

Opportunity finder

The opportunity finder lets Amazon sellers discover promising product niches by using keywords. With the tool, you can spot seasonality, view keyword opportunities over time, and quickly discover product opportunities.

Global supplier database

I like the global supplier database by Jungle Scout as you can find the supplier of top Amazon sellers. Reverse-engineer to find out a supplier and contact them through the database. 

Opportunity score

Another great feature is the opportunity within the JS chrome extension. With it, you can validate a product idea immediately. The score gets decided by metrics like demand, competition, and listing quality.

Product launch service

Exclusively on Jungle Scout, you can get access to a product launch feature. You can accelerate product sales, get early reviews up and going, and launch on the first page if done correctly. 

As you can see, Jungle Scout does have some features that Helium 10 doesn’t have. But, in my eyes, Helium 10 is still winning the game with features like the PPC automation tool and the Mobile app. All features JS has over Helium 10 are counterbalanced by other similar tools Helium 10 provides. 
I will say that Jungle Scout is better if you are just starting, as you can begin with a basic monthly plan which is inexpensive, and with my discount code, you will get an even better deal.

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If you are on the fence of buying Jungle Scout, read my full breakdown of Jungle Scout Pricing here. I talk about three major subject.

  1. How the pricing is structured.
  2. The features included in all three plans Jungle Scout offers
  3. What tools I love to use.

So make sure to check out the pricing guide for Jungle scout!

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