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Professional product photography

Read my story, and find out that I have 11 years of experience in photography, with 5 years specifically helping Amazon sellers. And yes, I shoot your product images myself. No outsourcing of any sort.

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Boost amazon click-through rate

If you are familiar with my track-record, you know that I on average increase conversion rate by 6-8% for my clients. Next to that, I heavily focus on making your main image the focus of the project. You will get multiple outstanding main images to test to optimize your click-through rate.

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We take care of all your needs

I don't just take your product photos. No, I provide post production, market analyses, graphic design, models, creative ideas, and transparency to my clients.

Professional Amazon product images are important and here's why

You see, in a brick-and-mortar setting, we can use smell, touch, and even taste to supplement what we see, but when it comes to modern, online purchasing, we rely almost entirely on visual clues to make purchasing decisions.

In other words, product photography is among the most important factors in online sales, if not the most important, which is why you should make the online appearance of your product the most important part of your business.

So if you are selling on Amazon, most customers are not reading your bullet points nor do they read your description. The product photos is what makes shoppers turn into customers.

It’s the number one factor in your conversion rate and click-through rate. Those 2 factors are very important metrics when it comes to the Amazon A10 algorithm.

In the first week of using Yannick services, my sales saw an immediate increase. I didn’t know that images where such a big deal on Amazon, but now I do.

*yannick is my middle name.


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Service Comparison

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Studies have shown that 65% of consumers find the quality of a product’s image to be more important than any other information provided on the product description. (including reviews)

Simply put, your product images can truly make a difference to your sales and overall success with Amazon FBA. Make sure you know what product images you need and that you make the right choice with the photographer you work with. If you’re ready to improve your Amazon listing, then don’t wait longer! Let’s talk!


Photo Package
$ 497
00 One Time
  • 1 Main Image
  • 3 Infographics
  • 3 White Background Images
  • Professional Market Research
  • Studio Location Photoshoot
  • Shot By Jonathan
  • Post-Production


Photo Package
$ 747
00 One Time
  • 2 Main Images
  • 4 Infographics
  • 3 White Background Images
  • 3 Photo Lifestyle Images
  • Hand Model & Props
  • Professional Market Research
  • Studio Location Photoshoot
  • Insight Documentation
  • Shot By Jonathan
  • Post-Production


Photo Package
$ 1397
00 One Time
  • 3 Main Images
  • 4 Infographics
  • 8 Lifestyle Images With Models
  • 4 White Background Images
  • 1 Hero Image
  • Lifestyle Models
  • Professional Market Research
  • Studio Location/Outdoor Photoshoot
  • Insight Documentation
  • Shot By Jonathan
  • In-Dept Post-Production

Want to know the difference between the 3 packages we have to offer?

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Options 2

Order over a phone call:

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Scheduling a call before your order gives trust and you can ask me about my portfolio. (which I can’t share here on the website)

If you want to schedule a call first, you will have to fill out a survey and schedule a call with me on Facebook Messenger.

Now, after placing an order with him and working with him. I can honestly say he is a great guy, he goes the extra mile for his customers.