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Scented Candle

Main Image

The main image, the most important one of all the images combined. For this main image, we decided on using the product packaging as well. When you do this, your product gets an extra professional and premium feel. It’s very effective to do in some niches. 

amazon fba product main image portfolio 2
amazon fba product secondary image

Lifestyle Usage

The “Standard Package” does not include lifestyle images, but for this client, we decided to add some lifestyle images as the client was easy to work with, and had ordered before from us. 

Lifestyle Usage

It’s not really a lifestyle image, as there are no models included. We decided on adding in some champagne, flowers, and other complimentary items.

product images for amazon fba lifestyle
lifestyle images on amazon fba

Lifestyle Usage

Again, a lifestyle image. Just to be clear with you, it would be better to add some infographics to the listing as well, however, the package the client purchased has no infographics included.

Infographic Feature

Throughout the listing, we have the same theme and style. A very minimalistic approach. The packaging and product design have the same style. Also, I spoke to the client over a call, and she gave me an exact listing she wanted us to copy. So that is what we did.

amazon fba product infographic lifestyle images


Standard Package

The listing images we provided came from the “Standard Package”.

Advanced Package

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