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Tower Heater

Main Image

On Amazon, like I always explain. The main image on Amazon is the image that has the biggest impact of them all. So brainstorm carefully before you decide on the product photo you want to go with.

listing main image on amazon fba
amazon fba secondary images

Dimension Image

This is what we call a “Dimension Image”. The client decided to put this as the second image. I disagree and recommend putting it at a later image as the dimensions are not as important as the benefits. But like always, the client decides. Still a very good listing photo.

Infographic Feature

The product has a very beautiful interface, and that is what we want to show the customers as well. 

amazon fba features image
amazon fba featured image 2 - secondary listing images

Infographic Feature

Again, another “Infographic Feature” image. This time, we focus on explaining the benefits of having a timer available. We saw a ton of negative reviews from competitors that did not have this feature. By explaining it in this image, we differentiate more from the competition.

Infographic Feature

Again, we use the “Infographic Feature Image”. This image really shows 2 benefits in 1. I don’t recommend putting too many benefits in 1 image, but for this one, it works perfectly. We show customers here that we have tip-over protection and overheat protection.

amazon fba featured image 3 - infographic
amazon fba lifestyle image with model

Lifestyle Image

The well-known lifestyle image. You can see a little bit that it’s photoshopped in, but it doesn’t really have a great impact in comparison with a real lifestyle image. How do we know this? We test with different software tools to see conversion rate and click-through rate. The results are that there are almost no differences.

Lifestyle Featured Image

With this product photo, we decided on showing a woman sleeping. Then, we added in different badges that explain it can be used in different settings so you can sleep and leave the heater on. Again, we choose this image because we saw multiple negative reviews that did not have this feature.

amazon fba lifestyle and infographic images

Standard Package

Intermediate Package

The listing images we provided came from the “Intermediate Package”.

Advanced Package

Want to know the difference between the 3 packages we have to offer?

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