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Electric Coffee Grinder

Main Image

On Amazon, the main image is the most important image of them all. It determines your click-through rate heavily. In this image, we wanted to emphasise the 2 different blades you get and added in ground coffee to make us stand out more.

Portfolio amazon fba listign images main image
amazon fba secondary images example

Lifestyle - Feature Image

This is what we call a “Lifestyle – Feature Image”. This is the second image on the listing. We decided this to be the second photo because it makes us able to speak to a broader audience, not just to the coffee industry.

Infographic Feature

An infographic feature image on amazon shows the customers different benefits they can expect from the product. Here we wanted to show the customers why we include 2 different stainless steel blades.

secondary images on amazon fba example
secondayr infographic image amazon fba

Infographic Dimension Image

Image 4 is all about explaining the size and amount of coffee you can grind. We don’t want to use it as image 2 or 3, because it isn’t as beneficial to the customer.

Infographic Feature

Again, we use the “Infographic Feature Image”. It shows 2 benefits of the product. Normally I say, just show 1 benefit per image, but here we choose to do 2 benefits in 1 image. Also note that we added the speed and amount of time it takes to grind the coffee in the last image.

image 5 amazon fba product images
amazon fba secondary images

Lifestyle Usage Image

For the last image that is visible on the Amazon listing. We choose to show customers how easy it is to clean. This benefit makes us able to stand out from the competition a bit more, as some competitors don’t have this feature. 

Amazon FBA Listing Video

Product videos are an incredible way to boost conversion rates. We see great results with listing videos as we can show more benefits to the customers.

Standard Package

Intermediate Package

The listing images we provided came from the “Intermediate Package”.

Advanced Package

Want to know the difference between the 3 packages we have to offer?

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