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Hey amazon sellers, in this video you will learn what in my eyes, the best amazon product images are. 

I will be critiquing listings that I dislike, and showing you listings that I believe are good so you can 1 copy images that are working and 2, understand the reason behind good images

So, without further ado, let’s get into some listings! Starting this amazon listing critique series with a water flosser and toothbrush combo. 

The main product listing image.

As we all know, this image influences your ranking and sales the most. As we can see the goal “fairywill” probably has, is to tell the customers what you get with this product. 

I see 4 brush heads, 4 different tips, a toothbrush, a water flosser, the packaging. 

To sum it all up, there is a lot, and in my eyes this is not the image you want to have as your first image. 

The market:

If we look at the market, we can see that there are similar listings that do the same. They are cluttering all the items that are included in the main image, but if we look further there are also some clean-looking main images in this niche.

Let’s see what jungle scout says.

Now if we sort it by revenue, we can see that the 7 listings that are selling the most do NOT have any clutter in the main image like the one we are analyzing. 

After those listings there are a bunch of listings like the one we are analysing, that have all the items that are included in the main image.

I won’t say it’s bad to include all the items in the main image, however, I will say I dislike having too much. But for bundles that is another story, and this product is kinda a bundle, so I accept the decision. Although I think the packaging could be shot better. 

Jumping to the second image we can see a lifestyle image. 

Parts that I like are the composition, the added attributes like the part of the plant in the top right, which if I look at it, could be more in the background then it’s right now, it’s a bit cut off.

On the other side a bad part of this lifestyle image is the dirt that you can see on the flosser. I can see fingerprints all over and a nasty light that makes the inside of the product visible. That is not good. 

Also I would recommend making the logo more visible, as you can see it’s kinda out of focus. You make it more visible and pop out by using compositing in post production. Where you add multiple images together to make 1 image that is perfect.

It’s a bit hard to understand if you are not a photographer yourself. But what you do, is you shoot sometimes up to 5 images and light the best part of the product and add them together in post. 

The third image is the one I like the most.

It’s an infographic featured image.

This product listing image provides the benefits of the product and shows solutions to problems the market is facing.

The seller wants to show the ‘personalized modes’. I hope the seller that made this listing has done the research to find out the problems this niche is facing. And that this ‘personalized modes’ is a problem that this niche has, or athleast that customers are looking for this.

Image number 4, is again

an infographic featured image. I also like this one. 

What is nice about it is the color they choose for the icons. It’s the same color as the ring around the power button. This might seem like a small, little detail, but small things like this really make a big difference. 

So again, they show a problem the niche is facing and explaining how this product helps with that. Jumping to Image number 5,

it’s what I call a manipulation lifestyle image.

Which means the product is added in with photoshop to a stock image. That is not bad or anything, however, the person that made this did a por job in my eyes. 

The product has no depth or shadows added to it. So you can tell within 2 seconds of looking at the image that it’s photoshopped.

Also, I have no idea what the goal is with this image. The text above makes no sense to me. Only good part of this listing is that they choose a young woman with a good smile. 

Okay now, Image number 6,

an infographic featured image.

A bit of the same image as image 3. I don’t think this adds to much value after using the same personalized idea as in image 3. 

I would have loved to see another lifestyle image where the product is actually being used by someone. Maybe even use an older man and target a broader audience, or a child if you want to go that route. 

What you have to understand about models is that it’s very important what model you use. If you are targeting lets say seniors, then using a model of a young woman will not be ideal. 

and sometimes we want to target men and women of different ages, so we need multiple models. 


Last image, number 7.

I do like this one. I guess having a larger water tank is a good solution to a problem in this niche. So I feel like this might be a reason you would want to buy this product. 

And overall, they use the same colors, fonts, and backgrounds to the images which is very good. 

To sum it all up, I would definitely play with the main image some more. I think this one can be way better. Split test the results and see what works. I do think they did a good job of differentiating the product from the competition by bundling it with a toothbrush.

LISTING 2: link 2

Okay, let’s do 1 more listing. This product listing image I choose is really bad. The product we are going to look at is this pill box organizer. 

It’s selling around 600 units per month. 

The only good part of the main image is that it uses all the space. Further, I can’t say anything good about it. First off, the lighting is really bad, this makes the product look cheap. You can even see that some of the printed text is blurry and out of focus. 

You can see that the focus is on the 2 red pills. This makes no sense, but this probably happened because the person had no idea how to focus the camera. 

Another thing is that the image is empty, I’m not sure why you would want to show it empty. I recommend adding complimentary items to make it stand out.

Image 2, yeah.

The first thing that comes to my mind is how cheap it looks. and again the product is out of focus. The graphics look bad. And it has some text at the bottom right that has literally no purpose. It just is another reason you don’t want to buy this.

Image 3, one that I like a bit more but still is not good.

It’s a lifestyle image with a hand model. 

I would have liked to see a face with the product. also, the table is durty. The nails of the hand model are not clean. There is a book in the background which is placed in an awkward way. and the container is empty again…

Just so many negative things that make the listing so much worst. Next image

is a lifestyle hand model image.

This image has no clear goal and is again empty. There are some bad graphics and text added to the top left. 

But the English is not correct and makes no sense, and I now get the feeling its Chinese crap. 

Yeah, we can go over the last 3 images, but again.

They have no clear way to go about it.

None of the images show the container with all the pills added to it. All of them are out of focus. Has bad lighting, and a bunch of text that I’m not gonna read. 

If I was gonna read something that long, I would go to the bullet points or description. And if we look at that, it even has less text than the text in the images. 

The date first available was april 2019, which I was not expecting. I was expecting this listing to be very old as it has some decent reviews. 

But after looking at jungle scout historical sales, I would say the reviews are manipulated. Surprise, surprise…

So that is basically it for this listing and video. I hope you liked the product images breakdown series. 

If you did, and you are interested in what I call a perfect product listing. Then you might want to check out the service I provide. I’m a photographer myself who is specialized in amazon fba product images and I help amazon sellers with their product photography. 

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Thank you for watching, speak soon.

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