Amazon FBA outside marketing best practices

I hope we can all agree on one thing, the Amazon A9 algorithm loves it when you bring it outside traffic. And when you give it what it loves, it will make your life easier by ranking you. Isn’t that ideal?

Over the years the way to rank your product on the first page has changed. It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows anymore. Nowadays, you have to work for it. 

Optimizing your Amazon FBA listing should be your first priority. Start there. However, Amazon sellers are catching up, so you will not be able to differentiate yourself just by relying on optimizing your listing like you used to be. Nevertheless, you need to optimize your listing before bringing in outside traffic. Hack, you need to optimize your listing before doing anything on Amazon.

Why bring outside traffic toward your Amazon FBA listing

Amazon FBA is great, but it has some limitations. For one, you can’t do a ton to get your brand mission across. The best way is with stunning photography, a+ content, videos, copy. All of these have limitations.

By building a brand you differentiate yourself from the other sellers. I strongly believe building a brand is the next play for many Amazon sellers out there. How else are you going to compete with Chinese sellers? On price?

By utilizing outside traffic you not only can rank higher, but you as well can own your customers. This is getting more and more important by that day because you don’t know how Amazon will look 5 years from now. We can guess that it will probably expand in new countries, get new customers, as well as new competitors, but you as a seller can be thrown off the platform at any time. 

Owning your own customers brings certainty to your business. You have a plan when Amazon isn’t liking you anymore. 

Building an email list

Wait, what? Amazon doesn’t let you have your collect email right? Correct they don’t. In the early days of Amazon you were still able to collect the customer’s email addresses, but in today’s world, no way. 

But email marketing is so important. Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your audience in a personalized way. It will boost your sales if done correctly. This is great, but the most lucrative reason is it will be a plan B for when Amazon isn’t working anymore. Your backup plan.

91% of consumers use email. That alone should be enough to convince you to explore it. It’s also proven to be the most famous medium in digital marketing, with an average profit of $44 for every $1 spent.

This is great and all, but what is the point of it when Amazon isn’t letting you collect emails? Well, there is one way to get around this, and no, this is not a black-hat tactic that will get you banned. It’s with external traffic. You have to capture the email before they get to Amazon. This way, you are building a sales funnel by utilizing list-building strategies to get loyal customers who you can advertise to over and over again. 

If your Amazon sales disappear today, you will have to start all over and learn new ways to make it work. The best way to prepare for a disaster is by learning new ways to make it work before your sales disappear.

So building an email list with outside traffic will teach you new crafts for when Amazon isn’t working anymore, but it will also bring more customers in the door for Amazon. Which is what will make your listing rank.

For new sellers, who are reading this and beginning to think; “why even sell on Amazon if we are using strategies to move towards our own channels?”. Well, Amazon is still a beast if you make it work. However, making it work isn’t as easy as it once was. That is the truth. I still 100% recommend you start selling on Amazon, as it has such a low barrier to entry and high return compared with other business models. It’s truly amazing what you can build on your own on Amazon.

How to bring outside traffic towards your listing

I need to start driving external traffic towards my listing, but how? 

Owning your own traffic is easier said than done. It’s one of the reasons we begin selling on Amazon, they bring the traffic. 

Here are my top 3 ways to bring traffic towards Amazon.

  • Partner with influencers
  • Buying traffic
  • Organic social

Partnering with influencers

Customers are seeking authenticity, influencers offer that to them. It’s not a joke that the right influencers can make your business succeed.

Influencers don’t have to have millions of followers to be good partners for your business. They range from micro-influencers with 3K – 100K followers to real celebrities with 10 million +. 

Different platforms attract different customers. You can partner with influencers on a bunch of different social channels. Don’t just stick to the famous Instagram. I find YouTube and TikTok to both be undervalued at the moment. As well as the regular blogging girl.

If I can give you one tip, test it out. Even if it doesn’t bring you direct ROI. You will learn a lot and it will have a positive impact on your PR.

Learn more on this topic from this blog post.

Buying traffic

You can find potential customers all over the internet. Don’t make yourself stick to one at the start. You need to test. 

Facebook ads are one of the most famous traffic sources when talking advertising. This because it has on average 30,000 data points per person. So yeah, they might know a thing or two about you as well. 

It’s creepy I know, but it also makes for a powerful tool that you can use to find the exact customer you are looking for. However, It is hard to make it work when your margins are already low on Amazon. 

Other Amazon sellers who I talked to are not counting on a profit. They use Facebook ads to launch their product and turn it off afterward. The trick is to collect data for your brand with every launch you do. This way you can build up your email list, and be more profitable with every other upcoming product.

I’m also impressed by this Zack Franklin guy who has an out-of-the-box strategy when it comes to advertising after and Amazon seller has purchased from your. 

Zack Franklin – Advertising after the sale

Organic social

Organic reach can be great for your business depending on the product you sell. However, it’s also very well known that organic reach has been declining and paid media is taking over. No surprises as a socials channel business model is all about the advertising dollar. 

I find organic to be excellent in cases where the brand owner has a great personality and is willing to put his face on camera to promote his brand. Well, I say promote his brand, but that is the thing with organic. You don’t want to be constantly advertising when you try to reach people organically. It’s a bit of a workaround, and it might take you several months or even years to find a return on investment, but if it works, you will be the happiest person on this planet as you don’t have to spend advertising dollars to promote.

Determining if it’s smart to make an organic social strategy depends on the product and brand you are looking to sell. It doesn’t make sense in some cases to build an audience. 

Look, I’m doing the same with jonathanismedia. I use blogging as my main source of organic reach. I understand it takes months or years before I see any return from it, but I’m blogging because I like it, it gives me joy, and I don’t care if the return even comes from it. 

That is the same approach you have to take when it comes to organic. Focus your efforts on the right places and don’t expect an immediate return on investment.

Learn more about organic reach in this blog post

Moreover, sales funnels on Amazon

Whether you are using Facebook ads, influencers, or organic reach. You are putting your customers through a sales funnel of some sort. 

What is a sales funnel

When sending external traffic to your Amazon listing directly without a proper strategy in place is a mistake. You most likely have no clue what you are doing and leave a ton of potential on the table.

You might think bringing potential customers straight to your listing with the least amount of friction is a good idea. Wrong, the traffic from paid media is not always qualified, and sending them directly to your listing will hurt your conversion rate. 

The solution is to make a landing page. With a landing page, we can collect emails, pixel the customer, and sell them on your product before they land on your listing. This way, even if they did not buy, you can remarket to them by email for basically free until they decide to buy or retarget them with Facebook ads. 

I personally use WordPress with a landing page builder for my landing pages as I have done this in the past as well. You will have to find out for yourself what the best way is to build your landing pages. 

Another way is to use messenger bots before you send the traffic towards Amazon. Messenger has a high open-rate & click-through rate which makes it ideal for Amazon sellers. 

You can directly create ads on Facebook that trigger a Messenger bot to distribute Amazon coupons for example. It also has less friction for potential customers that drop off as you keep them on the platform. 

I like the talk below from seller tradecraft about Facebook Messenger. 

Tradecraft – Facebook Messenger talk

Messenger bots and landing pages are advanced tactics that can bring a lot of good to your business when utilized correctly. However, there is a learning stage where you have to get through. Setting up Facebook ads, making contracts with influencers, building an email list, understanding pixels and landing pages, and a lot more are all new tactics you have to know. 

So for some, it might be better to just stick towards Amazon, but those who take on the path of external traffic will see bigger potential in the future for when Amazon isn’t working anymore.

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