Standard VS Intermediate VS Advanced Package

This article compares the difference between the packages we have to offer so you have a better understanding of how we price our services.

Lifestyle images

The major difference between the “Intermediate” and “Advanced” package is the use of multiple models. The “Intermediate” package uses high-quality manipulation lifestyle images where on the other side we bring in multiple real models for the “Advanced” package. 

I say multiple models for the “Advanced” package, as most of the time 1 model is not enough. This is because we have to take into consideration the potential customers. We don’t want to use a 50-year-old woman for a product that is marketed towards a 30-year-old man. Sometimes the potential customers are men and women of different ages. That is when we use multiple models to speak towards a broader audience.

Using a real lifestyle model makes us able to speak to the pain points a bit better as well. As we have total control of the image and can achieve the exact results we want.

NOTE: The “Standard” package does not include lifestyle images of any kind


Next to that, all 3 packages have post-production, but the “Advanced” package gets extra attention by myself. This means hours of retouching, branding, and color correction on the images until it meets my standard of quality.

If you want to see a timelapse of the detailed post-production process that we do for the “Advanced” package then click below.

Manipulation lifestyle images

When I talk about manipulation lifestyle images most people immediately say… “but it looks so photoshopy”. Yes, it does if you use cheap stock images that have a creative commons license, meaning that the image can be used by everyone and have no rights reserved for the image.

We don’t take that route. We use Adobe Stock and Shutterstock images. They are expensive, sometimes we pay up to $50 per photo, but at that point, we have all the rights to the image and know it is high quality.

NOTE: The manipulation lifestyle images are only included in the “Intermediate package”.

stock image to use for amazon listing

This is an example of a stock image from Adobe. This one cost $64.  If we decided to buy this one, we will pay it out of our own pocket and you will not be charged.


To sum it all up, the photo package you choose depends on your budget and the amount of control you want. In my eyes, choose the package that you see is necessary depending on the competition in your niche.

The “Advanced” package is the only one that offers real-life models for your lifestyle images, has more in-depth post-production and more images in total.

The “Intermediate” package uses high-quality manipulation images. You can expect a model to be included in the stock images. This package is the most popular package of them all. In my eyes, this package has the best value in comparison with the price.

The “Standard” package is great if you are starting out on Amazon or if your niche is not so competitive. You will get 7 images that are of high quality. Don’t underestimate this package. It has it’s own benefits compared to the other 2.

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